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The Outing

Note: Written and originally posted October 24, 2007.

Written for palmer_kun, as part of a drabbling challenge meme.
400 words of purest AU, involves Severus Snape, a Malfoy, and a Potter.

The OutingCollapse )
Note: Written and originally posted October 1, 2007.

Title: 20 Facts About Hermione Granger-Weasley, Underminister of Magical & Muggle Co-operation
Author: soberloki (GJ & IJ)
Warning(s): Just so you don't come upon it all unawares, thar be spoilers here. Big ones, with shiny surfaces, and they dance the foxtrot.
Disclaimer: All characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note(s): iulia_linnea is once again holding The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest, and I love backstory!

That's Granger-Weasley, thank you very much.Collapse )

Now What? | George/Harry | PG

George rolled over and immediately scrambled backward out of bed. He hit the floor with a painful thud and fetched up against the wall, under the bedroom window.

Harry remained peacefully, even blissfully, asleep. As George watched, he scrunched his face up a bit, burrowed a little deeper into the pillow, and fell still. After a second, he issued a quiet snore.

George grabbed what clothes he could reach from the floor, and Disapparated in a state of vague panic.


Ron arrived at the joke shop on the run. It wasn't often George asked anyone for anything at all, since the war.

Ron shoved the front door open and spotted George at the cash desk, where he'd chosen to sit cross-legged on the counter next to the mechanical Muggle register.

"George? What's going on? You made it sound like the world was ending." George had been more like his old self in the past six months, and Ron was suddenly terrified that it had been wishful thinking, and what had seemed like recovery and a return to life was really a false front, and now everything would come crashing down.

"I've screwed up, Ronniekins." George stared at his own knees, and sighed heavily. "I've really done it, little brother."

"You've... oh Merlin, has one of the Wheezes killed someone?"

George barked mirthlessly. "I wish it were that simple. No, nobody's dead. Nobody's going to sue or throw me in Azkaban. They probably should, but he'll never accuse me. He'll... I don't know. Be kind about it, and that's worse."

He? "What are you talking about? Who's this 'he'?"

George grimaced. "Harry."

"I'm confused. Our friend, Harry Potter? What could you possibly have done that's so bad?"

A noise at the door to the back of the shop caught their attention. "H'lo, Ron." Harry had clearly just got out of bed, and wore George's bathrobe over too-large sleep pants. "George is having a thoroughly misplaced fit of conscience."

George waited for Ron to say something.

"Well, what's the trouble?" said Ron.

George couldn't believe his ears. "I spent the night with our little sister's ex-fiance! A year ago they were planning to be married, and now I've seduced him and Mum's going to murder me."

Harry cleared his throat. "You don't think I'd speak up if I didn't want you to shag me, George?"

Ron sighed. "Far too much information, Harry-mate. George, I'm going home. If this is your big emergency, you needn't worry. Mum's well aware of why Ginny and this one aren't going to marry. Hell, Gin's seeing Dean again, and they're starting to get serious. You should stop by for Saturday supper more often - you're getting behind on family news. Besides that, Mum loves Harry. She'd be just as happy to see him dating you as Ginny, wouldn't she?"

George hunched over a bit and picked at the knee of his trousers. "You don't understand."

Ron snorted. "Maybe it's you who doesn't understand, mate. Nobody in the family will be upset about this. In fact, I begin to think I understand a lot more than I did even five minutes ago. This isn't disloyalty, y'know. Fred had Angelina, remember?"

Though he could have hexed Ron blind for the observation, George instead chose to curl over and pretend his baby brother didn't exist.

Ron sighed. "Harry, I'm off. Give him a chance, will you? He's stupid, but he's a good bloke." He gave Harry the Auror Salute, and let himself out the way he'd come in.

"You love Ginny. You told us so. You left her behind to protect her," George moaned.

"I know I did, but it isn't Ginny I'm in love with, you wanker. I thought she was the one, but... she wasn't. I can't stay away from you. We spend all of our time together, even more than I do with Ron. I know I'm thick as two bricks about feelings and dealing with them, but it's not like I haven't had time to think about it. You said, George. Last night, you said it. Are you going to tell me now that you never meant it?"

"Why do you have to be so... you?" George had both hands tangled in his hair, as if he might start pulling it out at the roots at any moment.

Harry shrugged and fiddled with the robe's belt. "Dunno. Is it helping my cause?"

George slid off the counter and stood with the cash desk between them. "You don't know what I'm like. You - I don't share well."

Harry refrained from wincing. George wouldn't or couldn't talk about Fred, even now, and Harry wished to an almost desperate degree that he could make things right. Bring them back, all of them, but especially George's twin. However. "Bollocks. You share just fine, and we both know it."

"Maybe I don't want to," George grumbled, glaring weakly at Harry's hands. "Maybe I meant it but it's still a bad idea, and -"

"Oh, enough. Five years, George. Five years, you said it yourself, you've waited and wanted and told yourself you'd do without, but you don't have to. I'm not here because I bloody feel sorry for you, you dense git, I'm here because I want you. I did imagine that last night would have put most of those doubts out of your mind."

That earned Harry a faint smile, and brought a blush to George's face. He couldn't argue with that, certainly.

20 Random Facts About The Grey Lady | PG

Title: 20 Random Facts about the Grey Lady
Author: soberloki (GJ & IJ)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Just so you don't come upon it all unawares, thar be spoilers here. Big ones, with shiny surfaces, and they dance the foxtrot.
Disclaimer: All characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note(s): iulia_linnea is once again holding The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest, and I just can't pass up a chance to create backstory!

The Grey Lady, Ravenclaw's GhostCollapse )

Enter The Matrix | HP/SS | G

Title: Enter The Matrix
Author: soberloki
Word Count: 100
House: Ravenclaw
Prompt: snape100 #190. Random fact: Had Severus Snape played "Neo" in "The Matrix" rather than Keanu Reeves, there would have been no need for special effects.

Enter The MatrixCollapse )
It took him some time, but George Weasley learned how to be one, rather than one-of-two.

He kept the shop open, and without Fred there to steal the show (keep them laughing), he learned how to make Verity laugh on his own, and how to kiss her, and how to ask her to marry him.

He raised children of his own: Annie, Ben, Caroline, David and his twin Edmund, Gracie (Verity wanted to call her Fiona until he begged her not to), and Hugh. Not one of them went into Gryffindor, and George found he didn't mind at all.

Verity was a very wise woman. She never asked the obvious questions, and George never forgot to tell her how important she was, nor to credit his parents with teaching him to leave no doubts in the hearts of those he loved. Verity was wise enough not to point out that Molly and Arthur were probably a lesser influence in that respect.

When Verity was a memory of nearly seven years and all of his children were themselves great-grandparents, fifty-three Weasleys and fourteen Potters through Hogwarts and more always to come, George went to bed alone one warm spring night, and woke to the sounds of a busy train station.

He sat up and found himself on a bench at King's Cross, surrounded by faces he knew. There was Harry, gone two years before Verity, and Bill and Fleur together, gone only a year. Victoire sat near them with Teddy, playing something a bit like Exploding Snap, only the cards didn't blow up when Teddy slapped them down.

"Well bugger, I've gone and died, haven't I?" he murmured, and wasn't surprised in the least when a warm hand clapped down on his shoulder and a laugh like a mad jarvey sounded just behind him.

"Took you long enough, Georgie-old-son! You know, your Annie -

(scarlet fever, such a Muggle affliction to take a witch)

- says you've kept it all going, the shop and the Wheezes. What's this I hear about a new range of marital aids, hmm?"

George cackled and leaned back so he could see Fred. "You would've had fun, Freddie. Harry and Ron and Hermione, they did a lot to move us forward. Changed a lot of minds about Muggles and their ideas."

"Yeah? Brilliant. Thought you were going to follow me sooner, you know. Didn't want that. Who'd keep the authorities on their toes if we were both dead, hey?"

George grinned, relaxing as he surveyed their surroundings. "This place isn't so bad, but why hasn't anyone got on a train and left? I mean, train station, there's got to be a way to leave."

"Wasn't time yet," Fred informed him. "There isn't really a set schedule, but we've all been waiting for something. Oi, Colin! Look who finally made it!"

Creevey waved as he passed, smiling. "George, good to see you!"

Fred came around the end of the bench and sat next to George. "So you know I've a question for you, don't you?"

George knew. "Go on and ask it, then."

"Was it worth it? Any of it?"

George swallowed hard once, twice. "I lost you, Fred. I was lost. But yeah, it was worth it. Look around, they'll tell you too. It was worth it."

Annie Weasley, perpetually thirteen, bounded out from behind a pillar and waved frantically at everyone. "The train's come!"

50timesimetyou Prompt Table

01 School 02 Hospital 03 Jail 04 Parade 05 Bar
06 Ship 07 Plane 08 Beach 09 Magic 10 Pain
11 Tattoo 12 Restaurant 13 Catering Job 14 Ranch 15 Pound
16 Quest 17 Naked 18 Time 19 Mugging 20 Concert
21 Wedding 22 Kidnapping 23 Hell 24 Chinatown 25 Grocery Store
26 Dungeon 27 Private Eye 28 Handcuffs 29 Las Vegas 30 New York
31 Hotel 32 Map 33 Dark Alley 34 Orgy 35 Moonlight
36 Treasure 37 Scroll 38 New Year 39 Halloween 40 Rome
41 Castle 42 Shadows 43 New House 44 Toddler 45 Pregnant
46 Nightmare 47 Bloody Carpet 48 Writer’s Choice 49 Writer’s Choice 50 Black Label Whiskey

Candor | R | Ginny/Tom

Yeah... I wrote het - not only that, but dark het, featuring Tom/Ginny. WTF? Erm, I got bunnied over in pornandkittens. They're to blame for a lot of my blather lately, I think. 184 words of creepy, detached sex.

Warning: Chan ahead like whoa. Also dub-con, really. Not graphic, but pretty obvious.


Ginny whimpered...Collapse )

Uprising | PG | Harry, Luna, DA

Title: Uprising
Rating: PG
Characters: Harry, Luna, others.
Notes & Warnings: Implied offscreen character death. Takes place a month after Dumbledore's funeral.

Months of secrecy. It was difficult, but even Neville had reached a level of proficiency he'd never expected to gain in fifth year.

Here, now, Hogsmeade Station, Death Eaters along the platform and the Express reduced to a grimy string of boxcars waiting for children and adults without wands, Harry Potter ran his thumb over the charmed Galleon in his pocket. It hadn't stopped signaling for a week and he was pretty sure that meant Hermione was dead.

They'd worked on Voiceless magic this year, and Harry didn't need a wand. Nor did Luna. Harry stood.

"Defence Association, form up!"
Notes: Oh dear. Yeah, I wrote Snarry, but the twist is that this is house elf crack meta. I know, I know. Bad Loki. Stale cookies. ;)

Dobby screamed in mortal terror...Collapse )


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